Who is Hickyjig.com?

Hickyjig.com is a company owned and operated by Kristen Organ of Atlanta, Georgia. Kristen creates CAD/CAM developed and one of a kind pendants, rings, belt buckles, cuff links, mobiles, clocks, and sculptures. View the featured works section to see more pieces

What is a Hickyjig anyway?

Hickyjig is whatever you want it to be. Hickyjig was coined in graduate school when it was “highly suggested” that I name all of my pieces. I was struggling to name the piece you see to the right so I asked a friend what she would call it.

My friend said it was a “hickyjig” and explained that it was what her family would call something they had no idea what it was. The name stuck.

The Original hickyjig

The Original Hickyjig

Meet Kristen

Kristen in metal studio in graduate school

Wondering what Kristen’s background is and what inspires her work? Find out more >

Updated Portfolio Available!

Spin necklace

My newly updated portfolio is now online with many new sections and pieces to look at and discover. Enjoy Looking >

What is CAD/CAM?

CAD CAM Custom Belt Buckle

It is one of the latest jewelry and metal design tools. CAD/CAM strikes a balance between technology and creativity.